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In today's age of modern business, real and timely information is the most powerful weapon in conquering the market and increasing profits. For this reason, the financial statements of their companies, their competitors and the companies in which they want to invest their money are of great importance to investors, creditors, businesspeople and other stakeholders.

The reliability of the financial statements of such companies is certainly provided by the auditor's report, which represents a neutral and objective opinion on whether the financial statements are true and accurate. Financial statements gain in value, and the information contained in them becomes more reliable by performing an audit.

ASW and its team provide the following audit services:

  • Audit of financial statements - mandatory (legal) and voluntary audit of financial statements;
  • Audit for the needs of incentives granted by the state - according to the Decree on Incentives for Investors to Produce Audiovisual Works in the Republic of Serbia and the Decree on Determining Criteria for Awarding Incentives for Attracting Direct Investments;
  • Review of financial statements - the service of review of financial statements allows the Client to see the possible existence of problems in their financial operations before the problem becomes bigger;
  • Agreed audit procedures - audit of special parts of financial statements with a focus on certain categories of balance sheet items. In accordance with the needs of the Client, we perform an audit of segments of financial statements, such as working capital, fixed assets, liabilities, receivables, or specific items of the income statement. Our team can meet any Client's special audit request;
  • Audit of projected financial statements - to obtain appropriate permits and licenses to conduct business, it is necessary for Clients to design their financial statements which are submitted to regulatory bodies. The reliability of the projections made and the arguments on the basis of which the projected financial data are confirmed by an independent audit;
  • Audit of donations and projects - funds received from donors for the implementation of certain projects must be spent in accordance with the approved budget in which the Client applied for funds, as well as justified by independent audit of financial statements made periodically during the project;
  • Audit of financial statements prepared in accordance with budget accounting - audit of financial statements of budget users is performed in accordance with the Law on the State Audit Institution. All budget users are obliged to, due to insufficient capacities of the State Audit Institution and inability to audit all budget users, choose an audit company that will audit their final account.

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