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Taxes have always been in the center of interest both from the point of view of state institutions and taxpayers themselves.

On the one hand, the interest of state bodies is to provide funds for the functioning of the state by collecting as much tax as possible, while on the other hand it is in the interest of taxpayers to have accurately calculated and paid taxes while optimizing and minimizing tax liabilities.

Our job is to provide the right tax optimization for clients with the right advice.

Some of the tax advisory services we provide are:

  • Income tax advice,
  • Preparation and verification of the Tax Balance and all accompanying forms,
  • Advice on avoiding double taxation,
  • Advice on withholding tax for resident and non-resident legal and natural persons,
  • Advice on value added tax,
  • Checking and compiling the value added tax return,
  • Advising on the application of the Law on Property Tax,
  • Advising on the implementation of the Law on Personal Income Tax,
  • Advising on the application of the Law on Tax Procedure and Tax Administration.

Legal framework of our tax advisory services - Our service is based on the current tax regulations of the Republic of Serbia and is based on the following laws and legal frameworks:

  • Law on Corporate Income Tax,
  • Law on Value Added Tax,
  • Law on Personal Income Tax,
  • Law on Property Tax,
  • Customs law,
  • Law on Tax Procedure and Tax Administration,
  • Double taxation treaties and
  • Other relevant positive tax regulations and bylaws.

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